An ordered list for people centric companies

I have been an avid viewer of the Google Ventures video series Foundation for a few years. It blends an easy to watch interview style with tremendous stories from well-known founders in tech. In the above episode we have Biz Stone, one of the founders of Twitter. What I enjoyed most was when Stone described a simple ordered list for ‘anyone building large scale systems that allow people to express themselves and communicate.’

As follows:


This philosophy presented in HTML, for me is a wonderful expression in itself.

Putting people first when building a company extends outward. This begins with how individuals are treated within a team which in turn extends to how the company talk to users and consumers. What the UK tech clusters can learn from Silicon Valley is that this order has all too often been overlooked. This is especially true when enterprises grow and its systems grow with it.

It is the companies that seem to have understood the balance between empathy, resonance and technological innovation that are the ones that end up not just becoming successful but also much loved.


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