I have come to Liberalism relatively late at thirty. In that regard both my vocation and curiosity over the last decade has had me meet the people, places and receive the experiences that have informed me in that decision. So my coming around to liberalism has indeed taken a while but I take comfort in the belief that it ought to have done. I was raised in North-West London and was able to extend my choices toward first journalism, technology and then entrepreneurship. I have worked in media and news as a producer, director and documentarian working for the likes of Al Jazeera News, Amnesty International and Warchild UK.

The liberal ideal that I find most appealing is four cornered; personal, political, social and economic.

I write simply because it leads toward clarity in thinking. Thinking about the country I grew up in, the continent I consider to be a part and the place I consider home. These things deserve clear understanding and it is my hope that these posts reflect a reasoned opinion and cause for debate among readers.

I currently spend my time living between London, Berlin and Helsinki. I live with my wife with whom I run a technology company.

Finally, I am a member of the Liberal Democrat Party of the UK.

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